Welcome to the journey to new horizons!

Our mission is to support you on your path of defining and deploying innovative technology and related new business models - to the benefit of your company and the well-being of your customers and employees.

This aligned cooperation of technical and business model innovation ensures successful adaptation and acceptance of new systems and approaches - making sure companies and people can directly impact lifestyle and how it affects our all environment.

To achieve this, we provide consulting on how to drive new business:

Innovate                                                  & Grow
 on Business Models, Sustainability, Human InteractionYour Values, Impact, Employee's Well-being                  

Areas of expertise:

  • Business Development and Strategy Consulting
  • Innovation Management
  • Market insight and Solutions for Big Data, Sustainability Performance Management, Smart Grids, and E-Mobility
  • Consulting on related business model innovation
  • Global and regional partnerships and alliances, and Ecosystem and Partnership Strategies 
  • Cross-industry and cross-disciplinary alliances and network
  • Professional business coaching to enable sustainable change and impact

Our goals: Better balancing our world's various needs and interests

  • Proliferate innovative software solutions 
    > Defining efficient ways to bring innovations to clients and users 

  • Minimize human impact on nature and our environment
    > Lifestyle of Sustainability and mental & physical Health
  • Establish Smart Grids and Renewable Energy Systems
    > Optimizing the inclusion of renewable energy sources into our energy infrastructure

  • Improve personal well-being by reconnecting with one's values and life goals
    Establishing and deepening values in Corporate Environments and their holistic management

Strategy Consulting and Coaching, Stuttgart

Innovate & Grow